Solar cells refer to devices that store energy produced from solar panels for later use. Solar cells ensure that you can continue to enjoy solar even after sunset, during a power outage or peak energy demand. These batteries can be used in residential properties, as well as in commercial buildings.

The first solar energy battery from HUAWEI

LUNA2000 is modularly expandable and cascading. Up to three modules have a storage capacity of 15 kWh per storage tower. In total, two storage systems of 30 kWh storage capacity can be operated simultaneously with the inverter.

The integrated energy optimizer can independently control energy flows
for each storage module. In this way, each module is operated at the appropriate maximum. If modernization with a new storage module is expected, it is not weakened by an older, weaker module – as is usually
the case with other energy storage systems.

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Easy installation

12 kg power supply module
50 kg battery module

Flexible investments

5 kWh modular design,
Variable from 5 to 30 kWh

Safe and reliable

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Cell

Perfect compatibility

a one-phase and three-phase network

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