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We also offer the world’s first solar ENERGY EV charger. The Zappi EV charger can work in conjunction with solar panels or wind energy, or you can connect it to a standard electricity connection in your home.

The world’s first EV charger running also with solar energy

Zappi is a smart EV charger with a difference, since it not only acts as a standard EV charger, but also has optional charging modes to use 100% green energy generated from solar panels or wind power generation.
Zappi is easy to install and user-friendly. But don’t worry if you do not have installed solar panels, zappi will still act as standard EV charger that uses power from your home power grid.

Paired with the Myenergi app, you can set a timer to take advantage of economical tariffs, use the promotion feature, monitor your devices and much more!

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Three charging modes:


Charging power is constantly adjusted in response to changes in production or energy consumption at home.

Charging continues until the vehicle is fully charged, even if the electricity is taken from the home power grid.


Charging power is constantly adjusted in response to changes in production or energy consumption at home.

Charging will stop if too much power is taken from the grid, resuming charging only if an excess is available.


In this mode, the vehicle will be charged at maximum power. This energy can come from a renewable energy source or simply from the network.

If you do not have solar panels or a wind generator, the zappi will charge in the same way as an ordinary mode 3 charging point.

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No PV panels? No problem.

If you don’t have a PV (solar panel) system, Zappi can still act as a regular charging point for electric cars that takes electricity from your home’s power grid. You can also connect the solar or wind power
system later.

How the EV charger works with solar energy?

The solar-powered EV charger works by allowing you to use solar power to charge your car. Solar power generation requires installing solar panels (PV) in your home or workplace, but the energy generated using solar panels is completely free, basically giving you the opportunity to drive for free.

The energy generated by sunlight is called photon. It is the simplest, most fundamental particle of all light. It is these photons that are transformed in natural daylight with elements of solar panels to generate electricity. This small bundle of electromagnetic energy is constantly moving. Simply put, the solar panel works by allowing photons or particles of light to bounce back into the electrons that release them from atoms, creating a flow
of electricity.

Easy and quick to install

Zappi has stood the test of time, which is one of the fastest and easiest EV chargers to install. With its unique PEN-fault technology, Zappi eliminates the need to install expensive grounding wires and takes little time to be installed and ready for use.

Although zappi consists of complex technologies,
it is user-friendly. Unlike other EV chargers that are available on the market, zappi is ready for use just take it out of the box.

Connect zappi with the Myenergi app!

The Myenergi app is a must for anyone who uses our green technology products, giving you complete control and access to your devices like zappi and eddi worldwide!

This app allows you to set timers, use promotion features and prioritize your myenergi products. With dynamic visuals, you can also monitor network import and export, solar cell production, and battery storage in one place.

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